My personal goal as a natural health practitioner is to support and educate my clients and give them an alternative, improving their health issues and concerns in a way that supports their overall health.

Consultation process

The Initial Consultation

2x 45 minute sessions ($220)

The first 45 minute session is about gathering information:

  • Clarifying anything on the questionnaire (that will be emailed to you to fill out prior the session)

  • Clinical assessments - iridology, facial, tongue and nail signs

  • I will ask you to request relevant lab results from your doctor and or provide you with a lab form for any tests required

This session is about gathering as much information from you as possible so I can get an indication of your overall state and decide on the best way forward treatment plan wise.

The second 45 minute consultation is about education and providing you with your treatment plan which will include:

  • Prescribed herbs and supplements

  • Diet and lifestyle recommendations

  • Relevant resources and information

This session is about explaining to you what is going on with your current state of health and how the treatment plan can help. 

The Follow-Up

1x 45 minute session ($90) or

1x 30 minute session ($65) or

1x 15 minute session ($40)

Follow-ups are every 4-6 weeks. A lot of the time I work with women to improve their menstrual symptoms. So often follow ups are done after the next period.

  • Re-assessing issues addressed, improvements and new signs/symptoms

  • Trouble-shooting any issues with the treatment plan 

  • Adjustment of treatment plan, including dosages if needed

  • Explaining where to from here

What does the treatment plan involve?

When coming up with the treatment plan, it is an individualised approach. I want to provide my clients with something that is sustainable and practical.

  • Dietary and lifestyle recommendations

  • A personalised herbal blend

  • Nutrient supplementation when required (most the time this is required!)


“It is more important to know the person the disease has, than the disease the person has” - Hippocrates

As a naturopath, nutritionist and medical herbalist, we acknowledge that every factor of your diet and lifestyle is either shifting your wellness in a positive or negative direction. I understand the importance of nutrients for the body to function optimally and that a lack can cause imbalances that result in symptoms experienced when in poor health. I acknowledge the wisdom and power of herbs and how they can bring balance and harmony back into our bodies. We sometimes don't have to look further than nature.

My goal is to figure out which body systems are weakened and need support. After identifying where your nutrient, diet and lifestyle imbalances lie we can address that and fix the imbalances and weaknesses which are causing the symptoms and health conditions. For example if there were hormonal imbalances, where does it come from? Is it a lack of nutrients, stress, digestive issues, lifestyle etc. More often than not there is always more than one pathway to the symptoms!

The approach at I Am Balanced is building health from ground up. We are always looking for the root cause and not just putting a band-aid on the symptoms. This may remove the symptoms but the symptoms may come back and if not then other health issues will arise from the issues that were never addressed. The root cause vary from person to person so working with clients as individuals and not just prescribing standardised remedies is key!


How many follow-ups do I need?


This really depends on what the client is seeing me for and how the client progresses as an individual. Some may find that only one follow-up is necessary and other will see me over three months. Some will see me for longer or on and off if they have any additional concerns that they want addressed. 

Remember, I am here for your whole wellness journey if you want!


When will I start to see results?


Once again this depends on what you are seeing me for and your own progress. If you are seeing me for more acute issues then you should notice changes quicker but if they are chronic conditions it can take 1-3 months before you feel like you see major changes.

I always give that 3 month mark because that is the amount of time for cellular turnover. And if we are talking about women’s health and menstrual conditions, it take about 3 months for our ovums to develop.



Do the herbal liquids you prescribe taste really bad?


Most people I have out on herbal liquids don’t complain! In fact, some like the taste or grow to not mind the taste. And the results you get from the wisdom and power of herbs is totally worth taking something thats not your liquid of choice!


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In our beautiful store, we want to offer you all things that nourish you, including skin foods, natural skin care, beautiful natural fragrances, aromatherapy products, delicious herbal teas and more. 

Our ethos is do no harm and support businesses with a holistic and sustainable vision when it comes to our bodies, environment and planet. We are also big on supporting local products and you will find that 90% of our goodies in store are NZ brands.

You can find the perfect gift for yourself or for your friends and family here. Come say hi!

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