Citrine Dreams

Mid-sized, these earrings are handmade with 14K gold-filled wiring, the perfect complement to the delicately placed Citrine stones. Known for its healing properties, this gemstone represents manifestation and encourages new beginnings.

The Citrine Dreams earrings fall elegantly with the hand-cut Citrine reflecting the sun’s rays. Wear them wherever you go and let them be a reminder to stay focused on your dreams to make them a reality.

  • 2cm Diameter (circle)
  • Choose in between 14K gold-filled wire or Sterling silver-filled
  • Handmade in New Zealand with Citrine charms hand-cut in India.
  • Our earrings come attached to a handmade paper card (This paper is embedded with wildflower seeds, for your to plant). As well as, a description card. Both beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a natural cotton jewellery bag. 

Citrine Dreams


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