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The Nude Alchemist

Mummas' Milk Elixir

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This 100% pure and natural blend is specially designed to help breastfeeding mothers increase their milk production.

The Mumma’s Milk Elixir contains therapeutic-grade essential oils which act as galactagogues (promotes/increases milk production by boosting prolactin levels).

The Mumma’s Milk Elixir can also assist with any indigestion and gas issues the baby may have, due to the carminative and digestive properties of the fennel oil.

Comes in a 10ml amber glass roll-on bottle for easy application.


Apply to breast tissue before breastfeeding to support milk production. Avoid areola/nipple area.

Do not use for more than 10 consecutive days, as fennel is a diuretic. Take a break of a few days then resume application, if required.

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