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Obsidian Point

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  • This striking jet black rock blocks out negativity; is protective, cleansing and energising.
  • It brings clarity to the mind, deep soul healing, restores growth and opens new horizons.
  • Obsidian stands for the truth in all, letting go of disharmony, keeping you focused and determined.

Obsidian at home:

  • Keep your home protected.
  • Place in a particular room for protection of certain area in your life.
  • Place in the main entrance to protect negative energy, people and circumstances entering your life.
  • In the bedroom it allows personal protection and deep healing.

Obsidian at work:

  • Place on your desk if you feel like you need more protective energy in your work life. 
  • For a clearer mind and heart to get things done accordingly. 

Chakra: Root 

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