Week 1

60 minutes consultation

  • clinical assessments

  • hair scan

  • treatment plan


Goal: gather information to create an individualised treatment plan for you

Week 2

45 minutes consultation


  • personal health report result

  • comprehensive treatment plan


Goal: inform and educate you about your current health, while helping you understand and motivate you with your treatment plan

The service provided at I Am Balanced
is based on a 3 month cycle treatment approach.

We recognise your individuality so the number and length of consultations may vary depending on your health goals and progress.

Week 5

45 minutes consultation

  • metabolic type assessment

  • specific diet plan


Goal: help you adapt to a diet that is suitable for your metabolic type

Week 8

30 minutes consultation

  • check progress

Goal: keep you on track and make adjustments as needed

Week 12: next cycle starts

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Sunday: closed 

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