Embracing Femininity

Embracing Femininity

You may or may not be familiar with the term 'feminine energy' or the 'divine feminine'. It encompasses the way we move through life and despite how it sounds, has very little to do with the social construct of gender.

The easiest way to explain feminine energy is to juxtapose it with masculine energy. Both women and men posses both sides, but many aren't so aware of the type of energy they are in, or, may even purposefully exhibit one over the other.

Feminine energy is a nurturing energy expressed when you move with the ebb and flow of life, embrace your creative energy through dance and play, and attune to your internal processes. Masculine energy possess the qualities of leadership, action, logic, focus, and efficiency. The current climate of our modern day world favours the masculine energy where we are expected to hustle and work and stay busy. Unfortunately this results in an imbalance where our divine feminine becomes neglected and we just don't feel so...right.

So, how can we come back to nurture our divine feminine and bring back a sense of balance? We nurture the free-flowing, creative, light-hearted, intuitive and playful parts of ourselves! The following are some ways you can get back in touch with and embrace your femininity.

One great way to embrace your femininity is by moving your body through movement. Dancing or even yoga are both fantastic, fluid ways to move your body organically. Dancing is a great way to both relax and live in the moment. In today’s world of hustling and constantly working, we tend to operate more in our masculine energy. It's therefore a necessity to reconnect with your body and come back to your feminine energy through dancing and other movements.

Take time for you by honouring yourself with the gift of quality time, and pampering. Set that time and space aside for you to fill our own cup. Whether that's a spa day, getting cozy to read a book, journalling, spending time in nature or even some good old retail therapy! It’s important to remember that you deserve to treat yourself every now and then.

Do whatever you feel sparks your creative energy, whether that's writing, drawing, painting, music, a DIY project, cooking, tinkering or dancing! Allow yourself to flow with whatever it is you feel in the moment without planning or overthinking. Whatever outlet you choose to express your creativity is valid and will help you to nurture your divine feminine.

Receive More
Be open to receiving from others. Although feeling independent is nice, don't let stubbornness get in your own way! Feminine energy is associated with just being - staying still in the present and receiving, while masculine energy is always moving, always doing.

Surround yourself and spend time with likeminded women who build you up. Whether these are your close friends or other women you meet in classes or clubs, it's important to be amongst feminine energy in a society that favours masculine energy.

Spend Time In Nature
Places can be associated as either masculine or feminine, depending on their general characteristics. The divine feminine is life-force energy so it makes sense that places in mother-nature such as forests, oceans and parks which are abundant with natural feminine energy. Anywhere in nature can be a place to go when you're feeling a bit depleted or out of sync and in need of rejuvenation!

The divine masculine is defined by logic while the feminine is expressed through emotions. We all have emotional selves, but many of us are not so in touch or have suppressed them for not wanting to become 'too emotional'. The feminine energy thrives on emotions so going within and just letting your feelings be and flow through you is such an important aspect to nurture. As with all skills, this comes with practice so as you get to know yourself better, you'll also find that you naturally begin to feel more in sync.

Don't fret if some of these things feel foreign to you! When it comes to embracing your feminine it's all about going with the flow. Feel your way through it and do the things that make you feel the most in alignment with your divine feminine. You'll likely know that you're a bit out of balance and heavy in your masculine energy when you feel a bit rigid, overworked, burnt out, or even just in need of a girls night!

And last but not least, don't forget to have fun with it! Womanhood should be cherished and celebrated, and what's better than to share that with the other beautiful, wonderful women in our lives.

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