Essential Oils: 5 Ways You Can Use Them

Essential Oils: 5 Ways You Can Use Them

Aromatherapy, also known as essential oil therapy is the use of oils that help to promote or physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. The essential oils of the plant are the life force that runs through them which is shared with us as we use them in our everyday lives.

Essential oils are chemical components that not only have beautiful aromas but have therapeutic properties. When we inhale essential oils the chemicals interact with the limbic system which is a primitive region of the brain that controls our emotions. Gentle, essential oils are but power in reaching our deep psyche, relaxing both the mind, body and spirit.

Apart from smelling great, these are the many ways that you can incorporate them into your daily rituals. Just be sure to follow any safety instructions for the specific oil.




Here are 5 ways you can use essential oils for yourself and around the home; and some examples of blends that we love using for our overall wellbeing.


  • Essential oils can be inhaled directly from the bottle depending on the oil.

  • For steam inhalation, add 2-5 drops to a bowl of hot water. Place a towel over your head leaning over the bowl to keep the steam in and breath in deeply.

  • Vaporisers and oil burners are a great way to provide the aromatic and therapeutic benefits of the essential oil in the environment.

  • A blend of peppermint, tea tree oil and pine can help with clearing congested airways and boosting immunity.


  • Essential oils can be added to carrier oil for aromatherapy massage to help ease stress, anxiety, improve sleep and pain.

  • Note: essential oils must be diluted before use on the skin. Always be sure to check for dilution amount and handle safely.

  • Orange, lavender and ylang yang in a massage oil, applied on before bed will help promote calm and restful sleep. 


  • Adding essential oils to baths can also have a therapeutic effect.\

  • Blend 5-10 drops of oil to either  carrier oil, milk, honey or alcohol to act as a dispersant before stepping into the bath.

  • Keep the door closed to keep in steam and take nice deep breaths.

  • A blend if chamomile, geranium, lemon and vetivert create a wonderful bath for easing period pain (You may want to be using a tampon, cup or period swimmer briefs!)



  • Soak a flannel in a bowl of water with approximately 5 drops of oil.

  • Use hot water for aches and pains or cold water for sprains, bruises and headaches.

  • Squeeze out excess water and place over the area to be treated, covered in glad wrap. Leave for 20 minutes

  • A blend of eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender will help relief muscle tension and pain 

Room Spray:

  • Room sprays can be a wonderful way to improve the aroma of an environment while also offering antiseptic properties to keep bacteria at bay.

  • To make, add a few drops of essential oil to cooled, boiled water and store in a spray bottle for easy use. 

  • For an anxiety reliever, mood booster and something to lift your spirit, a beautiful blend could be one with bergamot, geranium and frankincense. 

  • For supporting  the immunity, eucalyptus, pine, tea tree, manuka and thyme would make a cleansing, antimicrobial, immune enhancing blend. 

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