Interview: Skin by Nature

Interview: Skin by Nature

Having healthy, glowing skin is so important for many of us. So much so that we are willing to spend a lot of time and money investing in good skincare products that we use daily. But how many of us really realise what's going into these products -- chemicals, fragrances, preservatives and the impact that they may have on our health.

When it comes down to it, simple can be better!

We sat down with Danielle, founder of Skin by Nature to tell us more about her clean, locally sourced ingredients and inspiration behind creating such a beautiful, simple yet efficacious skincare range.

How do you get inspired?

Nature is a big source of inspiration and is at the core of this business, my products and formulations, nature really is a gift that keeps on giving. For me, spending time at the beach listening to the waves crash, or in the forest surrounded by lush green trees helps me slow down which allows for my creative ideas to flow in. My heart swoons when I hear how much people enjoy my products and how they have helped them treat their skin conditions, so I am also most definitely very much inspired when I hear positive feedback stories from people using my skincare range.

Can you tell us a little bit about what you were doing before?

I was a new mother and also working as a registered nurse, times were busy for sure but it didn’t stop my passion for health and wellness, and starting to research and formulate skincare products in any spare moment that I had.

Tell us about the birth of your business.

As my learning and career experiences in medicine and science evolved, I became increasingly concerned about how many chemicals are present in today’s skin care products and the adverse effects these chemical’s could potentially have on us, our children and our planet. With the realization of this is when I began to research and formulate skin care back in 2012. The first product I ever made was a block of shea butter and oatmeal soap, this was to use on my son’s delicate newborn skin as I didn’t want to use store bought products. With this success under my belt, I made other natural soaps continuing the research and learning process about formulating and various skincare ingredients. I made soap whenever I had time and shared some with friends and family because I was so proud of being able to create something completely natural that I could incorporate into my daily routine and use on my son, avoiding harsh chemicals and ingredients that could irritate his delicate skin! I became fascinated with the science of soap making which led me to researching other ingredients with which I could formulate with and incorporate into my skincare routine. During my research is when I stumbled across what I think is one of the greatest skincare ingredients of all in my opinion, shea butter. I decided to start a facebook page which displayed my handmade products and information about shea butter and soap that I was making. The page followers grew and grew organically and it was from here that I began to get orders. At this time, I never dreamed that this "hobby" would become a business but here we are today.

Are there any values or ideas that you will always base your business decisions on?

A product is only as good as the ingredients used to make it. Therefore the ingredients I use are high quality, certified organic where possible, sustainably produced and ethically sourced. Skin by Nature is dedicated to crafting high quality and effective skin products that will nourish your skin, be kind to our planet and come with an affordable price tag that won’t cost you the earth.

What do you love most about your products? And what’s your favourite product? Pick one!

I love my creative days and the time I spend formulating, pouring, labeling and packaging each and every product. It’s really hard to pick one favourite product from the range but if I am to pick one it will have to be the shea butter. It’s so versatile and can be used on your face, body, as a lip balm, under eyes, anywhere really, I just love it. It’s one of the first products in my range and one that has gained a lot of love and very positive feedback. I have a large number of customers with dry skin, eczema and psoriasis who use this product and absolutely love it.

What are your personality traits that have helped you with your successes?

I am a very motivated person and I thrive under pressure. When I want to get something done I get it done, It’s never a matter of “I can’t do this” rather than, “ok how can I do this”? So I always find a way through. Like they say where there’s a will there’s a way.

Has there been unexpected life or business lessons since this journey started? Please share!

Absolutely, there have been many, both in my personal life and in business however I am an individual that thrives on adversity. I believe that it is these unexpected times that provide us with valuable learning opportunities to carry forward with us. Life is very unpredictable and we never know what’s around the corner, whether it’s an unexpected good thing, or an adversity that happens in our personal life or in business, you have to assess it, extract the lesson and keep moving forward with new found knowledge.

What are some things that you do to take care of yourself?

Self care is something that I am very passionate about and could definitely talk about all day given the opportunity, but I will try and keep it short. I live a fast paced busy life, I am a mother, I work part time in mental health where I have been working the last 10 years, and of course there is Skin by Nature. Looking after myself is crucial to me, the more time I give to myself to have a better balance in life, the better human I am overall. I find joy and passion in my work and being a mother, but If I don’t take care of me, my mental and physical wellbeing, I won’t be able to be a good mother and be able to give life my 110%.

Is there anything else that you would like to share about yourself and your business?

I just want to encourage people to really look within themselves and discover their passions and what it is that they love to do. If you apply yourself and stay consistent with whatever it is that you want to do in life, you never know where it will lead you. Focus, commitment, consistency and self discipline equals results.

Skin by Nature products are available to purchase both in-store and online at I Am Balanced for those who are ready to make the switch to clean beauty. We promise that these products are just so good.

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Great product, I ’ve been using it for about 9 years for myself, my kids and grandchildren. I introduced it to my friends and they love it. Nature has a huge resources , sometimes it takes time to realize it and once you find out it there is no way back.
Thank you Skin by Nature. I wish this wonderful Lady a long successful business and life.

Irina Tenisheva

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