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Amuleto Amethyst Bracelet

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Almost like a chill pill, Amethyst is believed to calm and clear the mind of negative thoughts. Amethyst energy is believed to target the pituitary gland, which directs the endocrine system and the pineal gland - where altered states of consciousness are thought to be triggered -.

It is believed to be a healer of headaches, mental illness, anxiety & depression. Especially work-related stress as it also promotes abundance, facilitates intuition and communication… When you wear your Amuleto Amethyst bracelet remember to stay calm and convinced that you have what it takes to do the job, trust and stay true to yourself, you've got this.

  • Handmade in New Zealand with A grade Amethyst beads.
  • Each of our Amuleto bracelets comes with a gemstone description card, beautifully wrapped with tissue paper in a natural cotton jewellery bag.
  • Measurements: Our Standard size bracelet is 17.5cm. However, If you would like your bracelet any larger or smaller, simply let us know your preferred length in the comments section before you check out.


    Please note
    We work with professional photographers to best capture the detail & finish of each item. A slight variation in colour & pattern are to be expected from natural gemstones. No two VANIA pieces are ever identical for this reason - How special is that?

    All metaphysical properties attributed to the gemstones sold by VANIA are based on ancient folklore and traditional uses. Our jewellery is NOT intended to treat or prevent any disease, nor replace professional medical advice. In saying that, at VANIA we believe that gemstones serve as amulets and gentle daily reminders of our connection to mother nature & the present moment.

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