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Magic of I

Pocket Dream Journal

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Collect your ethereal journeys on the smooth, soft pages of this very special Pocket Dream Journal, the small compact version of our full sized Ether Dream Journal.

Between the luxe vegan leather cover is a sacred space to record your dreams from the in-between realms, and decipher their meanings and messages.

Keep it by your bed to help make the personal symbols in your nightly adventures conscious, catching your dreams, and bringing them to the earthly realm so they can be integrated and made useful to your heart.

Small enough to carry with you where ever you go.

'A Guide to Dreaming' and inspirational prompts help open the way to empowering yourself by understanding messages from the other side.

It is imbued with magic and intention as a collection device for all ethereal communications.


Materials and Design

  • A6  size (147x104mm / 5.8x4.1")
  • 152 pages
  • Ruled pages, evoking illustrations and quotes
  • Holographic gold or silver foil cover
  • Lush silk touch vegan leather
  • Coloured end pages
  • Ruled luxe ivory FSC sustainable paper
  • Holographic guilded edges
  • Gold/silver ribbon placeholder
  • Elastic cover band

"This is your birthright,
You are born to fly,
And in your dreams, 
You will remember,

The soul has wings"

- Robert Moss


The Pocket Dream Journal does not include the holographic gold/silver foil guilded edges
Upgrade to the full sized Ether Dream Journal for this stunning feature.


View Full Size Ether Dream Journal

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