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Raw Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz is a gentle soft pink crystal known as the heart balancing stone. It nourishes love and compassion for yourself, friends and your family.

Brings feelings of hope, faith, harmony, calmness and kindness into your heart. Emotionally healing and brings about forgiveness and unconditional love.


Rose Quartz at Home

This is the stone of beauty which will beautify your home. In the living room it can attract love and harmony. In the bedroom it can ignite devotion and intimacy between couples. It can block out nightmares and give you happy dreams.





SOHAM Crystals & Stones are hand picked so that we can find the most beautiful pieces. All our products are ethically sourced.

They make beautiful gifts and are wonderful decor to brighten and light up a space. Crystals are cleansing and bring you good energy and vibes.

Our crystals and stones are of similar sizes. Although since they are raw, sizes do vary slightly and every crystal is a unique shape.

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