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Sleep Cycle Restore

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BioBalance Sleep Cycle Restore is scientifically formulated to support the root cause of a poor night’s sleep. Containing 5htp, tart cherry, magnesium, and Ocibest – a patented form of tulsi (holy basil) – BioBalance Sleep Cycle Restore supports a healthy balance of hormones including cortisol and serotonin for optimal energy levels, a happy mood, and a good night’s sleep.  

Is sleep evading you because your brain is ‘busy’ chewing over the events of the day? Our busy, high-stress lives can impact on our sleep, leaving us feeling unrested, tired, and less able to cope with daily stressors. 

The modern 24/7 approach to life, as well as our excessive exposure to blue light from devices can result in disrupted balance of key hormones that play a role in the sleep-wake cycle – melatonin and cortisol. The resulting struggle to sleep at night creates a vicious cycle of low energy, tension, and more stress. 

BioBalance Sleep Cycle Restore supports with Ocibest, a patented high-quality researched form of tulsi (holy basil) that has been shown to support healthy levels of cortisol, and a good night’s sleep, vital energy levels during the day, and a calm happy mind. BerryShield tart cherry offers supremely produced tart cherry, famous for being a source of sleep supporting phyto nutrients. BerryShield’s manufacturing techniques offer unique protection of the polyphenol content of the cherries, giving you a high-quality source of phyto nutrients.

5HTP from the seeds of the Griffonia Simplicifolia plant supports balanced production of serotonin, a hormone that plays a role in a healthy sleep cycle and good mood. Natural magnesium from SiMag, sourced from pristine sea waters in the Mediterranean provides 100mg of magnesium per capsule to support a soothed nervous system.  

Supporting the reason for poor sleep is our chosen approach with this formulation. This product lets you stay alert during the day and is designed to support a healthy sleep-wake cycle, BioBalance Sleep Cycle is non habit forming and has no known side effects.

OciBest™ equiv. to dry holy basil (ocimum tenuiflorum) 3000mg 
Standardised to NLT 0.1% Ociglycoside, 0.2% Rosmannic acid and 2.5% Triterpine acid" 3000mg
BerryShield™ tart cherry powder (prunus cerasus) equivalent to 1300mg fresh cherries
5-HTP (griffonia simplicifolia) 25mg
SiMag™55 equiv to marine magnesium 100mg

Take: 2 capsules before bed. 


  • Please consult your healthcare professional before taking 5HTP. 
  • Should not be taken with antidepressant medications. 
  • 5HTP can cause nausea and diarrhoea in some individuals. 
  • It is advised that you stop taking 5HTP if you experience this. 
  • Always read the label and use as directed.
  • If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. 
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