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The Initial Consultation

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2x 45 minute sessions

The first 45 minute session is about gathering information:

  • Clarifying anything on the questionnaire (that will be emailed to you to fill out prior the session)
  • Clinical assessments - iridology, facial, tongue and nail signs
  • I will ask you to request relevant lab results from your doctor and or provide you with a lab form for any tests required


This session is about gathering as much information from you as possible so I can get an indication of your overall state and decide on the best way forward treatment plan wise.


The second 45 minute consultation is about education and providing you with your treatment plan which will include:

  • Prescribed herbs and supplements
  • Diet and lifestyle recommendations
  • Relevant resources and information


This session is about explaining to you what is going on with your current state of health and how the treatment plan can help.

After attending your first session you can book your second session here


What does the treatment plan involve?

When coming up with the treatment plan, it is an individualised approach. I want to provide my clients with something that is sustainable and practical.

  • Dietary and lifestyle recommendations
  • A personalised herbal blend
  • Nutrient supplementation when required


About Jacqueline Kong

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